Mobile Therapists



This is your chance to take your existing mobile business to the next level or start your very own mobile spray tanning business with #TeamFakeBake.

In the golden age of internet shopping, home deliveries and services, clients are very familiar with the fact that they can get everything they need without stepping outside their front door – spray tans included.
Savvy beauty professionals are recognising this desire by putting their beauty salons into the boot of their car and turning to companies like Fake Bake who have pioneered state of the art, portable and affordable spray tanning equipment that delivers five-star salon quality tanning direct to their clients’ doors.

We have a massive family of Mobile Therapists who have added Fake Bake Mobile to their repertoire of treatments and just as many who have built up their own successful spray tanning businesses in their own right.


Not only that, but we handle hundreds of enquiries every day from people requesting Mobile Therapists, which we pass to our team members, and have a continuous national PR campaign promoting Fake Bake Mobile to aid with promotion.


We can provide the equipment, the training and the know how to help you get started in the beauty industry or to take your existing business to the next level with on-going support from Fake Bake HQ.  


Interested? What are you waiting for? Click here to find out more about our Accredited Training Program and to register for more info.

Already a Mobile Therapist? Well there’s always room to enhance your business further with Fake Bake.  Have you considered a promotion to our Elite Team with the possibility to become a celebrity spray tanner?  Read on for Testimonials from two of our Elite Team, which highlights their advice on getting started with Fake Bake Mobile and why they love their jobs!






The Tanning Expert, Eloise, has a wealth of experience in the self-tanning industry and has been a Fake Bake Mobile therapist for seven years. As well being a therapist, Eloise is also an experienced Expert Trainer for us, and so her knowledge and expertise really shine through. Known as our go-to girl to tan a VIP client at the last minute, Eloise also has her own roster of regular clients and we get lots of repeat bookings so we know how fabulous she is!

 “I love my job so much and I think that is so important. It involves a lot of variety – I might be tanning clients, visiting VIP’s for a tan, training new therapists or attending the major beauty and trade shows with Fake Bake as part of the team – although tanning the Dreamboys was a tough job..! I love being part of the Elite Tanning Team and have met such wonderful people, but to me everyone I visit to deliver a Fake Bake Mobile tan gets the same professional, thorough and expert service that I pride myself on. What is most important to me is that I build up a level of trust with all my clients, so they can expect the same service every time. It is really important to be approachable as even the most confident celebrities can be a bit nervous. I have worked with everyone from Stephanie Pratt to Josie Gibson and they are sweethearts!

On a personal level I am building a career with the only brand in the market that truly delivers maximum results every time – Fake Bake never lets me down. I have a really flexible approach to my work and this means I can fit my work around my life, too. Building a social media profile is really important and has really helped me.

My advice for anyone thinking of becoming a Fake Bake Mobile Therapist is to go for it! You really have to invest as much as you can afford at the beginning, to really push your service, and practice really does make perfect. It is a brilliant way of working with an established brand and also helps you build confidence in yourself!”





Roxanne - RoxTan - has been a Fake Bake Mobile Therapist for just over 2 years, and what an action-packed couple of years it has been! A highly skilled Mobile therapist, she is used to tanning VIPs and celebrities as well as her loyal band of clients. Roxanne is ambassador for the brand wherever she goes, whether she is tanning the Dreamboys (she kept her cool!) or visiting the offices of the Daily Express to tan their beauty team.

 “I absolutely adore my job – I get to go to lots of fabulous places and meet lots of lovely people. Every day is exciting and while I love to plan, I am often off on a last-minute mission! Working with Fake Bake means I get to work with a brand I love. Most importantly, because of the quality of the product, I am 100% confident every time I tan a client that I am going to get a perfectly natural result. When a client goes away really happy with their tan, that is an amazing feeling – even better when they call to book another one.

I have a young son so I fit my work around my busy life – it means being very flexible in your approach and also being available as much as you can. I have a wonderful support system so I am very lucky. I really enjoy attending Fake Bake events as I get to meet other therapists – it is a really fun part of the job. I have noticed that people of all ages are becoming clients. As well as my younger client base I now have more mature ladies who have really busy social lives – and they like to look good!

Using social media is now a vital part of what I do – Twitter allows me to engage directly and Facebook is brilliant for showing off your work. At the end of the day, all of my clients are VIPs to me – Fake Bake Mobile is all about providing a totally professional service, and I am really proud of the reputation I have built in the industry.”

 “ If you are considering a career with Fake Bake Mobile, my advice would be that it is important that you are professional from start to finish, even when you a starting off with just a few clients. You have to put a lot of groundwork and effort in to building your business and staying in customers’ minds, so get started straight away with your social media. You have to stand out from the crowd, and with the back-up of such a prestigious and high-performing brand, you will be well on your way to success!”


Why not also consider the opportunity to become a Fake Bake Beauty at Home Consultant, which allows you to add Party Planning to your current business?  Fake Bake Beauty has developed new and exclusive Bath & Body, Make-Up and Skincare ranges, which we just know your current clients will love.  Find out more here